An application pretending to be DApp MetaMask contained malware that aimed to steal coins by replacing wallet addresses. Decentralized application (DApp) MetaMask is facing new problems from cryptocurrency scammers after malware impersonating the tool appeared on Google Play, cybersecurity company Eset reported Feb. 9. The malware, which replaces computer clipboard info in an attempt to stealRead More →


Grin is an open source cryptocurrency project based on the MimbleWimble blockchain that focuses on privacy and scalability. It aims to empower everyone to transact and also save modern day money without being afraid of external control or oppression. One way to earn the coin is through mining Grin coin which thisRead More →


In life – and business in particular – we’re frequently told not to believe the hype. But this saying doesn’t always ring true when it comes to emerging technologies.   For new technology to reach the mainstream it really needs momentum, and this often comes in the form of a hype cycle.Read More →


“The Ethereum network could function just fine even if Ether was worth $10.” The above statement is something we see discussed regularly throughout the cryptocurrency community. It’s not based on fact, assumes that the only function of Ether is to pay network transaction fees (gas), and is misleading for aRead More →