TRON network is known for its rather popular decentralized applications(dApps), most of which are gaming and gambling-oriented. One of the betting apps, called TronBet, recently exceeded all records by experiencing a massive $41 million-large betting volume within only seven days. The platform’s top user wagered around $94 million, while the topRead More →


Despite the falling prices and major capitulation happening in the cryptocurrency space, there are projects in the industry who continue to push forward with new developments. These projects do not care about the price, they stay laser focused on their goals and get stuff done. One such project that has caught peopleRead More →


One of the biggest disruptions that blockchain technology delivers is the automation of processes as well as the potential automation of entire organizations. Decentralized autonomous organizations, aka DAOs, are the companies of the future — with no centralized point of failure, absolutely no downtime, and no need for office spaceRead More →


Ethereum dapp projects have more than tripled in a year from around 350 to now more than 1,300 according to data from State of the Dapps. Endless games, financial apps, tokenized digital assets, as well as artistic projects and some more creative projects are now all running on ethereum’s blockchain. With 569 ofRead More →