A sudden exit from the most popular dollar-linked cryptocurrency ripped through digital asset markets on Monday, saddling some investors with losses while launching Bitcoin to its biggest gain in more than three weeks. Tether, the so-called “stablecoin” used as a substitute for the U.S. currency on cryptocurrency exchanges around theRead More →


US Regulator Calls Out Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges On Tuesday, as relayed by Bloomberg, Barbara Underwood, New York State’s Attorney General, unexpectedly released a report that highlighted her office’s thoughts on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the well-established regulator, a minimum of three cryptocurrency exchanges can be facilitating operations that would be classified as illegalRead More →


The CEO of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance says any general smart contract platform (i.e. Ethereum, EOS) will not be fast enough to achieve success in the long run.  In a new interview with Fortune, Changpeng Zhao (“CZ”) says he believes they will be overtaken by projects that give developers tools to writeRead More →


The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is now working on a USD to crypto trading pair.  Binance’s operations have recently moved to Malta, a friendly island nation in the European Union (EU). Binance’s headquarters are originally in Hong Kong, however they have always wanted to move to a more accommodatingRead More →