Cryptocurrency mining will always remain a curious industry. Many people make good money from it, even though there’s also now a degree of centralization involved. The hunt for cheap electricity is far from over in this industry, however. It now seems Sweden and Norway are entering the show. Both countriesRead More →


The Brazilian education system is taking steps to prepare its students for the upcoming cryptocurrency era. Fundação Getúlio Vargas , an education institution in São Paulo announced the first Master’s degree in Cryptofinance. The course in Brazil follows top universities in the U.S. including Cornell, Duke, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Read More →

One hard fork later, there are now four new Monero projects. Privacy cryptocurrency Monero hard forked to version twelve of its protocol yesterday. But not everyone is on board. Following the example once set by Ethereum Classic, some users are continuing on the pre-hard fork Monero blockchain… though in this case notRead More →


Over the past several years we have observed two opposing trends. The first is that we’re finally starting to use the cryptography that researchers have spent the past 40 years designing. We see this every day in examples ranging from encrypted messaging to phone security to cryptocurrencies. The second trend is that cryptographers are getting ready for allRead More →