A cryptocurrency named Agrocoin is now giving buyers a chance to invest in some of the world’s spiciest peppers.  Mexico’s Amar Hidroponia, which grows only habanero chilis, started selling digital tokens in September of last year as a way to raise capital from investors. Each 500 peso ($27) AgrocoinRead More →


Tennessee signed a bill recognizing the authority to legally use Blockchain technology & smart contracts for electronic transactions on March 22, according to the legislative tracking site Legiscan.  A summary of the bill reads that it “recognizes the legal authority of blockchain technology & smart contracts in conducting electronic transactions.” The bill also makes aRead More →

russia cryptocurrency

Russia’s members of parliament Oleg Nikolaev, Anatoly Aksakov, and Igor Divinski, as well as senator Nikolai Zhuravlev have presented a new bill on digital financial assets that defines cryptocurrencies as well as tokens as property while banning their use as means of payment. The new bill defines “digital financial assets”,Read More →


It turns out those pesky conspiracy theorists were actually onto something. Classified documents provided by the whistleblower Edward Snowden show clearly that the NSA worked feverishly to target bitcoin users around the globe — and wielded one perpplexing source of info to help track down the senders and recipients of Bitcoin(s),Read More →