Social media behemoth Twitter appears to be cracking down on cryptocurrency scam accounts – however several members of the crypto-Twitter community have been caught in the cross-hairs. Responding to a tweet by Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey wrote that “we are on it.” The statement drew someRead More →


Cryptography is now our digital immune system which authenticates and protects data, money, as well as the health and safety of both people and their respective reputations. During the past several years the explosion of digital connectivity—from smart phones to the vast adoption of connected consumer products comprising the InternetRead More →


A scan of almost one million Ethereum smart-contracts has found 34,100 vulnerable contracts that could be exploited to steal Ether. It could even freeze/delete assets in certain contracts the hackers do not own. For the typical user not familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies these smart contracts are a set of codedRead More →


To maximize their profits hackers are leveraging the computer power of as many devices as they possibly can. However, they must find ways to deliver the malicious crypto-miners on a large enough scale for it to be profitable. While the infamous Wannacry ransomware was publicized for taking advantage of theRead More →