In what appears to be a new invention, Brazilian security firm Sikur has rolled out a smartphone with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. Impenetrable Hardware The company states that the security focused handset, named SIKURPhone, is a great choice for anyone with a significant cryptocurrency holding.  ItRead More →


PASSWORD SECURITY IS COUNTERINTUITIVE: “Your password must be 8 characters & contain upper, lower, digit & punctuation characters” => “Your password is now 2.14x easier to guess via brute force.” We’re not joking; the number of 8-char passwords with the above constraint is 2807657387458560; the number without constraint is 6095689385410816.Read More →

Ransomware grew some three hundred percent last year in comparison with 2016 and in the current year such attacks are set to become even more malicious, according to a Quick Heal report on Monday.  Ransomware, cryptocurrency mining as well as zero-day exploits headlined the threat landscape last year, said the global ITRead More →