A new side-channel vulnerability has been found called PortSmash that uses a timing attack that to steal info from other processes running in the same CPU core with SMT/hyper-threading enabled. Utilizing this attack, researchers were able to steal the private decryption key from an OpenSSL thread running in the same core asRead More →


APT Group Uses Datper Malware To Launch Cyber Attack on Asia Countries by Executing Shell Commands An advanced persistent threat (APT) actor group known by several different names such as Tick, Redbaldknight and Bronze Butler carried out a number of cyber attacks targeting East Asia. The APT group used customRead More →


A North Carolina water utility has been infected by ransomware in a breach the company says has forced customer-service functions offline and will require it to rebuild its computing infrastructure. Jacksonville, North Carolina-based Onslow Water and Sewer Authority (ONWASA) said in a statement that it was hit by the Ryuk ransomware virus in the middleRead More →


Monero has officially released its Malware Response Workgroup website yesterday. In an effort to help protect Monero’s community, the website aims to provide resources to educate about the types of malware that may take advantage of users. It provides support for problems including unwanted in-browser and system mining (cryptojacking) and ransomware, all which have been a growing problemRead More →