Blockchain technology has already found its way into local government services in the United States, but Nevada particularly is proactive, the AP reported on Jan. 7. Citing specifically the use of blockchain to issue digital marriage certificates, the publication found that two counties in the Silver State had already integrated the technology or were running trials.Read More →


The cryptocurrency industry is usually under development as the tech underpinning blockchain is still very new. One such project that may undergo an important update to its mining algorithm is Ethereum. On January 4th, members of Ethereum’s open-source development community came to a preliminary agreement to implement an important new algorithmRead More →


Devs at the Ethereum Foundation and at a start-up called Matter Inc have launched on testnet a Plasma scaling solution that uses ZKSNARKs to allow for 500 transactions a second or more. They say: “In Ignis verification of transactions by users is replaced by the following approach: operator(s) proposing blocks mustRead More →


Ethereum (ETH) core devs have reached a tentative consensus to implement a new proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm that would increase the efficiency of GPU-based mining on the network. The development was discussed in a meeting on Jan. 4th. During the meeting, developer Hudson Jameson noted he had heard “very little dissent” to implementingRead More →