The Spanish police have now arrested a cybercrime gang made up of Ukrainian and Russian nationals who were allegedly involved in stealing more than $1.24 billion from financial institutions around the globe, then subsequently converting their illicit gains into Bitcoin (BTC), Associated Press reports March 27. According to recent statements issued by the SpanishRead More →


Did you think Meltdown was bad? Unprivileged applications being able to read kernel memory at speeds possibly as high as megabytes per second was not a good thing. Meet the Windows 7 Meltdown patch from January. It stopped Meltdown but opened up a vulnerability way worse … It allowed any process toRead More →


  A cryptocurrency named Agrocoin is now giving buyers a chance to invest in some of the world’s spiciest peppers.  Mexico’s Amar Hidroponia, which grows only habanero chilis, started selling digital tokens in September of last year as a way to raise capital from investors. Each 500 peso ($27) AgrocoinRead More →


Tennessee signed a bill recognizing the authority to legally use Blockchain technology & smart contracts for electronic transactions on March 22, according to the legislative tracking site Legiscan.  A summary of the bill reads that it “recognizes the legal authority of blockchain technology & smart contracts in conducting electronic transactions.” The bill also makes aRead More →