Bitcoin Trading

Goldman Sachs will launch a bitcoin trading desk, the investment banking behemoth confirmed on Wednesday. The New York Times reports that the banking firm, one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S, is preparing to begin using its own funds to sponsor a number of investment contracts tied to the bitcoinRead More →


A Massachusetts school district was waiting on Friday for its computer systems to be unlocked after it paid a ten thousand dollar bitcoin ransom to hackers following a cyberattack on its system. Despite the malcious nature of the school system’s lockdown there is no criminal investigation into the matter because solvingRead More →


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are intriguing because they are different from the traditional financial systems we use today. One particular subject people have pondered is whether or not bitcoin complies with the religious laws that form a part of Islamic tradition — aka known as Shariah Law. This week a financeRead More →